Welcome to Club Inside webpage

The “Association for Studies and International Relations – Club Inside” is  is a non political or religious affiliated association that promotes a varied number of activities related to fields such as economics, politics, technological advances and the professional world.

It was created from the impetus of an alumni group from the Inside programs, with the intention to continue in Spain the interesting experiences lived then. The heart of our activity is to promote international relations through conferences, studies, meetings and publications.

The association works by and for its members. Any former Inside programs participant may apply for registration as a member of Club Inside. When affiliating, members receive many benefits, such as participation in the internal organization of the club, advantageously assistance to activities organized, being included in our recruitment placement board or regularly receiving our publications.

In order to carry out all the activities intended, the Club is organized in different committees. They are led by a director and have a number of members as a permanent staff. In addition, all partners can spontaneously collaborate with the committee of their choice. These are the four existing committees: 

Communication Committee: responsible for managing the media relations and image of the association, as well as the internal relations with the members.

Professional Relations Committee: its primary function is to serve as a vocational guidance to the Insiders in the labour market. It is carried on through job offers to the members and activities related with professional areas.

Studies Committee: responsible for the preparation of articles and studies on current issues. It aims to be the think tank of the Club, providing analysis, opinion and debate. It also includes the edition of our magazine "The Insider".

Cultural and Social Activities Committee: responsible for organizing conferences and seminars about diverse issues, related primarily with law and international relations, economics and finance and technology. In addition, this Committee is responsible for organizing social meetings and cultural activities.

Contact us: by email: clubinside@clubinside.eu